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We recognize the important roles death care professionals play in the welfare and mental health of their respective communities and seek to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide practical and protective ways death care professionals can support family, friends, children and community on these especially challenging grief journeys.

  • Explore unique ways to celebrate the lives lost in these situations (individually and collectively) and to help families and communities move on with living full lives.

  • Explore ways to help family, friends and communities renew and strengthen social bonds so they are able to move toward normality.

  • Bridge gaps between professionals in the death care field by expanding their knowledge and understanding of issues related to death psychology.

  • Enlighten death care professionals on ways to best serve clients affected by the unique situations and psychological stressors in which our society currently finds itself:

    • Mass shootings​

    • Hate crimes

    • Police violence

    • Natural disasters

    • Pandemic-related deaths

    • Deaths in the LGBTQ and other marginalized communities

    • Death by suicide

    • Death by assisted suicide

  • Provide connections to situation-specific resources that address these special need circumstances.

Quietus Bee offers support to the death care community through online courses and one-on-one consulting. Previews of topics to be explored through our courses are featured in our weekly blog articles.

One-on-one consultations are useful for challenging situations that necessitate an immediate response and plan of action. Quietus Bee can create custom-tailored protocols and provide referrals for specialized support.

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Self Learning Courses

Do you not feel ready for a live course? These courses are built as a way to educate the busy practitioner so they can continue with their lives and learn on the go.

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Live Classes

We provide death education classes in very specific genres on a rotating schedule. These are offered both in person and remote.

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Would you like a one-on-one consultation about an immediate situation you are dealing with in your professional life? We can help.

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Retreats are a great way to bond with other like minded people who want to learn about Thanatology. These are scheduled multiple times a year.

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