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Why Quietus Bee Is Important In Today’s Death Care Industry

Quietus Bee courses are unique in that they address specifically the concerns and challenges associated with serving diverse and marginalized communities. Quietus Bee courses explore alternate methods of eulogizing and celebrating the individual, expressing spiritual, religious and cultural beliefs, and courses educate funeral directors on best communication practices, etiquette and the like. Better understanding the needs and expectations of all types of clients and their families empowers death care professionals to more effectively comfort and serve them. Since death care facilities are at the center of community life, services provided can profoundly impact all within their radius. It is therefore incumbent upon those providing these services to also be thoughtful leaders and advocates… for all members of their community.


Uniquely qualified, Michaelene brings to the Quietus Bee courses her extensive education and professional work in the death care industry, previous teaching positions at institutions of higher learning, and her experience in having served communities of color, clients in intercity and rural settings, as well as having worked with people of means and those who are economically challenged. Firms with whom Michaelene has been affiliated serve Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and Muslim communities, as well as agnostic and atheist clientele. She is also connected with and highly supportive of the LGBTQ community.


It is Michaelene’s hope that through the Quietus Bee courses, perspectives will be broadened, understanding achieved and that death care professionals will have the tools they need to guide clients toward appropriate and deeply respectful services for their loved ones, paths toward peaceful closure in their grief journey, and the regaining of a sense of joy which is the ultimate end goal of thoughtful, psychologically sound and well-executed death services.

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