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What is Quietus Bee?

Quietus Bee sets out to address the most current issues and challenges in the death care industry, many of which are not examined through standard educational channels, yet now affect a large percentage of the population.

The Latin “quietus,” in its various incarnations, defines all that one would wish the death process to be, namely meeting death without fear or regret, a peaceful release from life. In our modern world, death doulas, hospice care and medical professionals are often the ones tasked with creating a tranquil life passage for those whose lives are ebbing, but the concept of “quietus” also applies to family and friends. They, too, need the experience of “releasing” their loved ones from worldly obligations so they may pass on untroubled to that which lies beyond. Funeral directors and embalmers are vital in this part of the grieving process through their providing of an embracing and supportive setting and a loving presentation.

The ”bee” in Quietus Bee alludes to the role of “undertaker bees” in the context of the bee colony. These uniquely designated bees see to the final disposition of deceased bees in the hive. In the process of caring for the dead, undertaker bees ensure the well-being of the living bees and the beehive… a fitting analogy, in terms of what Quietus Bee seeks to accomplish through its services.

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